On-going projects

VeRDi project

The VeRDi project is funded by the French region Pays De La Loire where Nantes is located. VeRDi is an acronym for Verified Reconfiguration Driven by execution. It aims at addressing distributed software reconfiguration in an efficient and verified way.

PIA Hydda

The HYDDA project aims to develop a software solution allowing the deployment of Big Data applications (with hybrid design (HPC/CLoud)) on heterogeneous platforms (cluster, Grid, private Cloud) and the orchestration of computation tasks (like Slurm, Nova for OpenStack, or Swarm for Docker). The mains challenges addressed by the project are:

The Discovery Initiative

The Discovery Initiative aims at overcoming the main limitations of the traditional server-centric cloud solutions by revising the OpenStack software in order to make it natively cooperative.

Former projects


Projet d’Investissement d’Avenir Environnements Logiciels pour le Calul Intensif (ELCI). ELCI icds a French software project that brings together academic and industrial partners to design and provide a software environment for the next generation of HPC systems. The project is funded by the participating partners and by the French FSN “Fond pour la Société Numérique”.

The SkelGIS Library

The SkelGIS Library has been developed during my Ph.D. SkelGIS is a C++-embedded domain specific language for numerical simulations based on explicit schemes. SkelGIS has been implemented for 2D Cartesian meshes and for network of Cartesian meshes. It also has been evaluated on two real case numerical simulations. I am for now the only contributor of the Library, however it is no longer maintained. You can download sources here.

SkelGIS video: basic demo

SkelGIS video: Malpasset real use case