PhD students

  • [2021-12-01, 2024-11-30] Antoine Omond, double diploma with the Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway
    • Safe, efficient and low-energy self-adaptation for Cyber Physical Systems - Application to a scientific observatory in the Arctic tundra
  • [2019-09-01, 2022-08-31] Joan Philippe, Lowcomote project
    • Automatic configuration of complex graph transformation frameworks, automatic parallelization, low code platforms
  • [DEFENDED][2017-10-01, 2020-09-30] Emile Cadorel, Hydda project
    • Energy-aware management of scientific workflows in the Cloud : A Cloud provider-centric vision
    • Now postdoctoral researcher in the Spirals Inria team, Lille, France
  • [DEFENDED][2017-19-01, 2020-09-30] Maverick Chardet, IPL Discovery
    • Reconciling Parallelism Expressivity and Separation of Concerns in Reconfiguration of Distributed Systems
    • Now teacher in computer science in high school, Lyon, France


  • [2019-07-01, 2021-06-30] Simon Robillard, VeRDi project
    • Formal methods for reconfiguration
    • Now Associate Professor in Montpellier, France
  • [2019-09-01, 2019-10-31] Dimitri Pertin, VeRDi project
    • Reproducible experiments on the OpenStack deployment
    • Now Software Engineer at Akeneo, Nantes, France
  • [2016-10-01, 2018-03-31] Dimitri Pertin, IPL Discovery
    • Madeus model for efficient software commissioning


  • [2019-07-01, 2020-06-30] Charlène Servantie, VeRDi project
    • Now software engineer at Akeneo, Nantes, France