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Hélène Coullon

Assistant Professor at IMT Atlantique, Inria researcher (on a chaire), Ascola research Team (Inria, IMTA DAPI, LS2N)

  1. Paper accepted to CCGrid 2017

    Paper accepted to CCGrid 2017. This paper is part of the Ph.D. work of Jérôme Richard. …

  2. Submission to ICFEC 2017

    Submission to ICFEC 2017

  3. Member of the Discovery Initiative

    Member of the Discovery Initiative (Inria Project Lab) leaded by Adrien Lebre …

  4. IMT Atlantique

    Ecole des Mines de Nantes officially becomes IMT Atlantique

  5. Assistant professor

    Starting as a permanent assistant professor et Ecole des Mines de Nantes. This permanent position is supported by an Inria chaire for 5 years. …