Collaborations within the VeRDi project

Inria Project Lab Discovery

The Discovery Initiative aims at overcoming the main limitations of the traditional server-centric cloud solutions by revising the OpenStack software in order to make it natively cooperative.

Maverick Chardet, one of the member of the VeRDi project, is a PhD student funded by Discovery (Inria). Maverick works on reconfiguration in Discovery, in particular on reconfiguration of systems and software in the specific case of Fog and Edge computing. Maverick also studies how to decentralize software reconfiguration mechanisms.

Avalon Research Team

Avalon is a joint group between Inria, CNRS, ENS Lyon, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and the University of Lyon. The long term goal of the Avalon team is to contribute to the design of programming models supporting a lot of architecture kinds, to implement it by mastering the various algorithmic issues involved, and by studying the impact on application-level algorithms.

The team leader of Avalon, Christian Perez, is an expert among other domains in component-based software engineering (CBSE), distributed software and dynamic reconfiguration. We collaborate with Christian who is also the co-advisor of Maverick Chardet.

STR Research Team

The STR team develops methods, techniques and tools for the design, verification and implementation of real-time IT systems, particularly in the field of critical embedded systems.

The team leader of STR, Didier Lime, is an expert in Petri nets. We collaborate with Didier, as well as with Claude Jard (head of the LS2N) to transform Madeus assemblies to Petri nets. Thus, model checking can be applied to verify properties on depoyment assemblies.

Northern Arizona University (NAU)

Frédéric Loulergue is a full professor at Northern Arizona University. His research topics are practical and formal aspects of the design, implementation and application, in particular to large-scale data-intensive software, of structured parallel programming languages and libraries. We collaborate with Frédéric on formal modelization and verification of Madeus in Coq.