Paper accepted at CCGrid 2020

The paper entitled “Predictable Efficiency for Reconfiguration of Service-Oriented Systems with Concerto”, written by Maverick Chardet, Hélène Coullon and Christian Perez has been accepted to CCGrid 2020 ! Maverick will present this paper in Melbourne, Australia !


Paper accepted to iFM 2019

The paper entitled “Integrated Model-checking for the Design of Safe and Efficient Distributed Software Commissioning”, written by Didier Lime, Claude Jard and I, has been accepted to iFM 2019 ! Helene will present this paper in Bergen, Norway !


Talk given to the Inria WIDE research group

A talk has been given by Helene to the WIDE Inria research group in Rennes. The talk is entitled Distributed Software Management: Efficiency, Software Engineering and Verification.


New Postdoc and Engineer

We are pleased to hire both a new postdoc and a new engineer in the project ! Both of them will arrive in July 2019.


Job interviews

Both the postdoc and engineering positions attract candidates. We are currently performing job interviews.

Hope to have two news members in the project soon !

See Jobs for more details.