Four students from Northern Arizona University, the Amadeus team, are working on MAB (Madeus Application Builder) to be able to graphically design, through a GUI, a Madeus assembly.

Madeus and Petri nets

We are know able to enrich Madeus with a property language so that a Madeus assembly can be translated to a Petri net and temporal logic properties. Model checkers than can be used to verify properties on assemblies and to help developers in their deployment design. This also illsutrates that Madeus is specific to deployment and much more convenient than its equivalent Petri net ! Take a look at this subpart of the OpenStack assembly ! [Read More]

Survey on verified reconfiguration

Hélène Coullon is working with Frédéric Loulergue and Ludovic Henrio on a survey about verified software reconfiguration.


Maverick is currently working on Madeus++ an extension of Madeus with reconfiguration capabilities !

The prototype is operational and is under experiment on a real use-case: migrating from a centralized to a decentralized database.