18 months postdoc position - VeRDi project

We are opening a post-doc position in the VeRDi project.

The VeRDi project is funded by the French region Pays De La Loire where Nantes is located. VeRDi is an acronym for Verified Reconfiguration Driven by execution. It aims at addressing distributed software reconfiguration in an efficient and verified way

The postdoc position is part of the multi-disciplinary VeRDi project. VeRDi can be divided in two different parts (though strongly related): (1) the design of efficient distributed reconfiguration models and systems; (2) the formalization of these models and the formal verification of some properties on them.

The STACK team and the other actors of the VeRDi project are researchers and engineers specialized in the first aspect of the project. The role of the postdoc candidate is thus to lead the second research aspect of the project with Helene Coullon. To help the candidate in this difficult task, two collaborations have already been initiated by Helene Coullon. The postdoc candidate will collaborate with the STR team of the LS2N specialized in Petri Nets and model checking, as well as with the Northern Arizona University (Frederic Loulergue) for aspects related to the proof assistant Coq. Moreover, the LS2N also holds the Inria research team Gallinette, specialized in proof assistants and involved the Coq development team. Finally, research is already ongoing regarding the formal and verification aspects of the Madeus deployment model designed by the team.

This work will be the starting point of the postdoc candidate.

The missions of the postdoc candidate are to:

  • formalize and prove few properties on reconfiguration models both statically and at runtime,
  • enrich the team and participate to the team decisions from a formal perspective,
  • collaborate with other teams specialized in model checking and proof assistants,
  • publish in a top ranked conference.

The expected skills of the candidate are:

  • a strong knowledge on formalization, model checking and proof assistants,
  • an ability to collaborate with other domains and to apply their knowledge to other domains,
  • a strong motivation for the project and its subject.

The postdoc position is based in Nantes at the IMT Atlantique engineering school. The candidate will be a member of the STACK research group (http://stack.inria.fr/). This team is part of the LS2N laboratory of Nantes, and the DAPI department of IMT Atlantique. The salary of the postdoc candidate will be 33500 with an additional annual bonus of 6.6%. By subtracting taxes and spreading the bonus on each month, the net salary is equivalent to 2380e.

Please contact Helene Coullon to apply: helene.coullon AT inria.fr

More details are available here: http://helene-coullon.fr/download/postdoc-position.pdf